Defending your investment is our promise and your satisfaction is our guarantee.  Hear pest control testimonials from real people. Defending your investment is part of our mission. We will go above and beyond to deliver superior pest control solutions to make sure you are just as satisfied.



I am very impressed with Christian at Bellator Pest Control.  When he and his brother came to my home to do an inspection, they were professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help me solve my pest control issues.  

About 8 months prior, I had had a problem with roof rats.  Another company had been servicing my home and the problem was still not fully resolved.  I decided to make the switch to Bellator.  I am so happy I did. They have been more successful in trapping rats in the last month than the prior company had been in the last 4 months.  Each time a rat has been caught, Christian has come to my house the same day to dispose of the rat and set a new trap.

Finally, I believe the end is in sight for no more roof rats!  Thank you, Christian, and everyone at Bellator Pest Control!  I would highly recommend them for any pest control issues!!



“My husband and I heard about a smaller, local company by the name of Bellator Pest Control and decided to give them a try.

The owner, Christian, we spoke with is a great guy and really made us feel at ease. We hired him to get rid of our scorpions that our previous company was unable to do. We live in a gated community and we knew before moving in that this could become an issue because our neighbors were having similar problems. Sure enough we became victims. After Bellators first treatment we noticed a major improvement, by the second treatment we were scorpion free!

Thank you Christian!! I highly recommend Bellator Pest Control. They are very professional, honest and give thorough service.”



“I’ve been using Bellator Pest Control for a couple months now and I have only positive things to say about the owner and this company.

A young man named Christian came to my door. I assumed he was probably trying to sell me something just like most random people that knock on your door typically do, especially in the neighborhood I live in. However, this guy was different. We had recently been having some pest activity so I listened to what he had to say.

Very knowledgeable, great sense of humor and you could just tell he had a passion for what he did. Not only is this guy the owner of the company but he actually takes it upon himself to service my home. He even brought my dog a toy the last time he came.

Extremely impressed with the service thus far. We have not had any pest problems since! I have recommended Bellator Pest Control to several friends and family.”