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When it comes to pest control in Tempe, Bellator Pest Control is the team you need. We serve different parts of Arizona all with the same goal in mind: To protect your investment. We provide your home or commercial business expert pest control with our highly-trained team of professional Bellator Defenders ™. Our team goes through extensive education and background checks to know exactly how to meet your needs for pest control in Tempe. We know we’re the best. Give us a chance to show you how to live with the peace of mind that only comes from being fully and completely pest free.

Why Bellator in Tempe?

Bellator Pest Control in Tempe knows the needs of the population. Because Tempe is one of our main areas, we’re happy to say we’ve gained dominion over pests and know exactly how to correct the problem of pest control in Tempe. With time, experience and expertise, we’ve become the leader in pest control in Tempe and in different parts of Arizona. We’re so confident about our abilities to neutralize your pest problem, that we offer our Superior Defense Guarantee™. We know you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work. In the event your pest problem continues after the third visit from our professionals, there will be no cost to you. We’ll keep coming back to ensure the problem is gone. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we keep our word.

Customized Plans for Tempe

We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to pest control in Tempe. We know insects and pests have different ways of living and modalities that make them different from one another. We know they hide in different places, we know they roam in different areas, we know some live in the walls, some in pipes, some in the wiring and some in places no one could imagine. Because of this, we know all treatment plans can’t be the same. We are committed to terminating the problem from the inside out, and specifically for the individual situation. Pest control in Tempe isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re the best, most knowledgeable, intrepid and honest service that will fulfill your pest control needs in Tempe. Ask about our customized treatment plans when you request your free consultation.

Our Products

We know how important it is to respect our environment. Pest control in Tempe doesn’t have to be done with harsh chemicals. In fact, the opposite is true for us. We use only the highest quality products and chemical solutions out there. These products are safe for people and for animals. Your family (and furry family) is as important to us as it is to you and we want to protect it. We also use these products for pest control in Tempe because they’re overall better for our planet, and last longer.

We Live in the Desert, Too!

Our founders are Arizona residents and know the local need. They know bugs and know pests. Christian Blumel worked for other pest control companies before developing Bellator. This fueled his passion for this business and for helping other people live with the peace of mind only a great pest control company can bring. John Tennison found his passion for great customer service and helping others when he was an outside sales representative prior to joining Christian in founding Bellator. Both came to the table with the same goal in mind: a passion for service and the protection of your investment.

Referral Program

We aim to keep pest control in Tempe simple and manageable for everyone. Tell your friends and family about the Bellator Referral Program Rewards! When they sign up for a qualifying service, you also receive a credit! Here’s how it works:

1-      Find out if your friends and family are interested in receiving our service and in getting a credit.

2-      Refer them by filling out the referral form online. You can also email, or call us at 1-480-634-6929.

3-      They’ll receive a referral code from us.

4-      Be sure to let your friends and family know to call us once they receive the referral code. This code is necessary in order to sign up for a qualifying service.

After their first payment, your friends and family will receive a credit and so will you! There isn’t a limit to referring friends and family for their needs of pest control in Tempe.We look forward to serving those you love!