When it comes to scorpions, Arizona is one of the biggest hubs in our country. Here in Phoenix, our homes can become hiding spots for the creatures, so it’s imperative to know where they might be hiding. Scorpion control in Phoenix can be about extermination, but also about figuring out how to block their hiding spots in our homes. Here are five places where scorpions have been known to hide:

Hiding Place #1

Damp places: Scorpions can survive in the desert, but they do look for water. Any place in your home that may be damp and humid, such as your bathroom or laundry room, can be a hiding spot for scorpions. Be careful not to leave a crumpled-up towel around after the shower. That humidity and dampness is attractive to these little guys,and it’s possible they’ll crawl into the towel seeking refuge. If you’ve left a damp towel unattended, be sure to pull it away from your body and shake it out before using it again.

Hiding Place #2

Dark places: In our hot summer days, who doesn’t like dark or shaded places? We all do; even scorpions. In dark corners, behind blinds and even in boxes, these creatures are trying to hide from the same elements we are in the heat. If you’re outside, be careful when undoing or repurposing rock piles, or moving that fire pit you haven’t moved for a long time. Scorpions may have taken it up for safe haven due to inactivity.

Hiding Place #3

Pipes and Electrical wiring: These limber little creatures can fit in the most unlikely places. When it comes to pipes, be sure you’ve sealed any pipes that come into your home that should be sealed. Also, keep an eye on any pipes that aren’t sealed. Same goes for electrical wiring. Scorpions can travel on these wires like any other bug, so be sure to pay attention to your wiring, especially when it comes into your house from the outside.

Hiding Place #4

Clutter: You know that closet that has all the things you’re going to go through one day? One of the things you may go through are your visiting scorpions. It’s best to minimize clutter and keep it that way. Because scorpions like dark places, they may hide and reside in any clutter they find. We recommend keeping your clutter at a minimum and consistently revisiting it.

Hiding Place #5

Look up: Because the usual hiding places of a scorpion are all the above, we’re not used to looking up. Yet, the Bark Scorpion has been known to climb. Above our line of sight is its most obvious hiding spot, because we don’t expect it there.When stepping into your home, be sure to look up and around your entryway in case any of these little creatures got in.

It’s important to protect our homes against these little but mighty creatures, especially Bark Scorpions, which are known to be venomous to humans. When you find scorpions, you don’t have to get rid of them yourself. Bellator Pest Control offers the best scorpion control in Phoenix. Call today. We have the expertise to protect your investment and give your family peace of mind.