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It’s late, and you’re on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack – you flip on the light switch, and out the corner of your eye you see something scurry behind the coffee pot…a cockroach!

Roaches, ant infestations, bed bugs, and scorpions are a creepy crawly nightmare for any homeowner or apartment dweller, and getting rid of the pests can be a hassle. But did you know that you can prevent the problem from happening in the first place? We prep our homes to prevent fires and floods, so what’s stopping us from taking steps to prevent a pest problem?

If you live in a hot climate like Phoenix, Arizona, you’re probably no stranger to bugs, and may even think that having them in your home from time to time is an unavoidable part of living in the desert. At Bellator Pest Control Phoenix, we have to disagree – we believe that any home or office building can be pest-proofed, and here’s how.

Seal every possible entrance

To keep intruders out of their castles, kings built motes along the perimeter. In a similar way, you need to protect the perimeter of your home to keep bugs from getting inside and getting comfortable behind your oven or under your bathroom sink.

Pests can come in through windows, doors, vents, pipes,cable entry points, and any gap where your home’s foundation meets soil or pavement. A thorough perimeter treatment done regularly with a liquid insecticide will help stop any six or eight-legged intruders from invading your living or commercial space.

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Prepare for the weather

During periods of heavy rain or intense heat (which is almost every day in Arizona), liquid insecticides may lose some of their effectiveness. To make up for this, it’s recommended you use an additional preventative method in place as a safety net. Distributing a granular insect bait around the perimeter of your home can be an effective supplement to liquid sprays in the face of extreme weather conditions.

As seasons change, so does pest activity – year-round monitoring and regularly scheduled treatments are required in anticipation of pest migrations.

Use the highest quality chemicals

While treating the perimeters of your home can be a DIY job, the chemicals you buy at the home improvement store are often weak, don’t last very long, and may even pose a health hazard to you, your children, your pets, and to the environment.

Your local pest control professionals will be equipped with the latest technology to keep bugs out in a safe and effective manner.

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Contact a pest control service near you

While the idea of a pest infestation can be scary, you don’t have to worry about it happening to you if you take the right preventative measures.

 If you want to protect yourself from a bug infestation, you need the best pest control Phoenix has to offer. You can request a free quote from the experts at Bellator Pest Control Phoenix today to take the first step in securing your home or business.