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When you start seeing pests and critters scuttle about your home, you need to find a pest control company that will help you take them out. When searching for pest control Scottsdale you need to look for a number of things to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your needs. So we’ve compiled a list of four things you should look for in a Pest Control Service and four things you don’t want in a pest control service.

Three Things to Look For:

  1. Customer Service: First and foremost, your pest control technicians should show exceptional customer service skills. Technicians need to take your questions and concerns seriously. Look to use a company whose employees are highly qualified to educate you on any questions you may have that pertain to the pests on your property.
  2. Face to Face Approval: It’s important to be able to put a face to your pest defender, whether that means meeting in person, or seeing pictures of them on a website. Anyone looking to hire a pest control expert will want to have full trust in their technician. That technician will be spending time in your home or business, and you will want to have full trust in them when the time comes to remove the pest.
  3. Transparency with Treatments: You should look to work with company that is going to keep you in the loop with treatments used for your home or business. A good pest control technician will tell you a list of pros and cons of each item and inform you what they recommend based on their expert knowledge and experience. They will also take into consideration if you have pets or children so that whatever treatment they use, there is no risk involved.

Three Things to Avoid:

  1. Using a Landscaping Company for Pest Control: It’s not uncommon for landscaping companies to offer pest control on the side. However, these are not certified technicians and you’ll take a huge risk using their services. Using a landscaping company could result in poor or unnecessary treatments that don’t take your family’s needs into consideration. Stick to pest control experts when critters crawl into your home.
  2. Companies That Claim to Have Excess or Special Pesticides: You don’t want a pest control service that says their pesticide products contain a secret formula because all pesticides have to be registered by the State Department of Agriculture and the EPA. If you encounter a pest control service boasting of a secret formula, you might want to stay away. Also, avoid someone who offers you a discounted price to spray the excess pesticides they have from another job. Again, if you haven’t fully questioned them about the product they are using and its effects on the people and pets in your house, then it could potentially be dangerous.
  3. Unreputable Businesses: There are unreputable companies that you want to avoid using when looking for pest control. For instance, if the company’s phone number isn’t listed or it doesn’t work, or if the company doesn’t have a website or Facebook, it’s a major concern. Make sure to visit the website of the company you intend to work with to verify that it is an authentic business.

So, remember to trust you home to the professionals like Bellator Pest Control. Contact us today for more info on our services.