Summer is here, the sun is out and it’s turning out to be a hot one this year. Luckily we have air conditioners these days but it does mean some ugly things are going to be coming inside our homes to cool off also: pests. It is important to call your professional exterminator toward the end of spring to help prevent the infestation of the summertime pests.

It’s summer time time and there are four common pests that also love to leave their homes and enjoy the newfound warmer weather.


When summer is arriving in Arizona, that means one thing, ants. This type of infestation is an insistent and annoying type of infestation. As the weather is beginning to get warmer the ants are going to begin flocking to the food and cooler temperatures that can be found on the inside of your home.

Many try to set up ant traps and stop the pests from entering your home, but that does not always work. Traps can tend to attract more ants into your home because it is a good source of food. The best way to get rid of ants is hiring a professional exterminator, like Bellator Pest Control

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are beginning to make their returns as well. The warmer weather calls bees to action. The weather has bees foraging for pollen because of the blooming flowers. When bees are foraging, they are not focusing on staining an enemy. Do not try and handle a nest of bees. Call pest control in Scottsdale for a professional exterminator.

When it comes to wasps, you must be aware of the overhangs that are used in outdoor parties because that is a great place for wasps to set up their nests. Be careful of wasps, because unlike bees they can repeatedly sting you.


A way to keep out these dirty pests is keeping your year clean and tidy. Cockroaches leave dirt and debris in and around your house, this creates an easier and quicker way for them to reproduce.

Be careful when trying to solve the problem yourself, as a solution to one problem can be a start to another problem.


Rodents are the fourth common pest that is going to emerge from hiding in the start of Summer.  Cacti that are too close to your house or building can become great housing for rodents to create nests and enter your home.

In Summer, you must take extra precautions to keep your home and car safe from rodents. Sealing your home or office and installing preventative systems is a good way to keep them out during this time of year.

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