Having bugs and other pests in your home can be scary and unsettling, but not as scary as the thought of unknown chemicals that are entering your home after you are hiring an exterminator. It is important to know the myths and facts when hiring exterminators for your home. When hiring an exterminator, it is important to hire a professional like the individuals at Bellator Pest Control to make sure that they are exterminating the pests in your home the clean and correct way.

Pesticide Questions

For many, using pesticides in their homes is the last line of defense. It is important to know the facts before using pesticides in your home or hiring an exterminator to solve your pest problems using chemicals. When your hire Bellator Pest Control expert exterminators will make sure that the chemicals being used inside and outside your home will be safer for you, your pets, and your family.

Types of Pesticides and Extermination

When exterminating pests in your home there are different ways that a chemical could be leftover on your property. Make sure that when you or an exterminator is laying down pesticides that you remove pets and children from the area. When used properly, pesticides are often an effective means solving your pest problem and carry cause a low-risk exposure to toxins.

Pesticides that are not contained in a trap or bait style should only be released in areas that are being damaged by pests, this will lower the risk of toxins being left over and causing risk to you your pets and your family. Make sure when you are using pesticides to follow the safety instructions and safety warnings. Also, if you are using a pest exterminator in Phoenix make sure they tell you the name of the chemical so you can check with the EPA registration name to make sure that it is safe for your home.

When using pesticides indoors rather than outdoors, the chemicals could remain inside the home longer than they would outdoors. Never use twice as much as recommended, as this could cause the toxins to last longer in the area used. Using too many pesticides can endanger you, your pets, and your family.

Safety First

Make sure when you are using pesticides in your home to open the windows and to air out the room after using them to make sure you are not keeping the toxins in one room.

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